Tips for Wizards

Tips for Wizards

During my classes I always get at least one Ahaaaa from a delegate or maybe even a “(#¤%&/(%¤ I have wasted half my life not knowing that”, so I have been urged to share some of my little tricks here on my blog.

So here they are:

Expand Lines on documents

How to expand the lines subpage on documents from NAV 2016 and forward. Everybody tries to expand the Lines here:

But there is actually a secret line underneath the totals, and this is where the lines subpage is expanded:

Copy Error messages

Clicking Ctrl+C on message boxes. Isn’t it annoying to get an error and then to have to type the whole error message into a Google search manually? It’s much easier to just press Ctrl+C on the message box and the paste it directly into a Google search or in a Notepad:

Press Ctrl+C, open a browser or a notepad and paste it in with Ctrl+V:

Run As

Testing permissions is always a hassle. Change the permissions then log out and in as the new user to test the permissions. Here we can use a secret windows trick instead:

Hold the Shift key down and Right-Click on your icon:

Select Run as a different user and login:

And now you are logged in as John

A word of warning: Now all documents saved to the desktop or documents will be saved to Johns desktop or documents.

Copy as Path

Copy as Path. Another Windows function is this. I want to find the full path of a file. Don’t type it in manually, just point to the file, hold the shift-key down, right-click and select Copy as Path.

Now you get this in the clipboard:


Split Screen

Sometimes you want to compare stuff on the screen and what do you do? Open a program take it out of maximized mode and adjust it then repeat it on another program. Instead press Windows+Arrow-Right then the following happens:

The active windows is automatically resized to half-size and you can select the other half:

The key sequence Windows+Arrow-Left does the same just opposite.

About this page

About this page in the Windows and new Web-client will open a new page showing information about the active page and record. The key sequence Ctrl+Alt+F1 is necessary because otherwise it is not possible to get information from subpages.

However, some display drivers have occupied the Ctrl+Alt+F1 for other uses.

If the key sequence Ctrl+Alt+F1 is taken, it is enough to add the Windows key, so now the key sequence Ctrl+Win+Alt+F1.

Same thing on some laptops where the F1 are not activated, then it is enough to add the Fn key, so now the key sequence Ctrl+Fn+Alt+F1.

…. And then there is worst case

Ctrl+Win+Fn+Alt+F1 – If you run out of fingers, then use the nose

Warm up the system before demos

  1. When demoing Dynamics NAV or 365 BC for a customer on a local PC, it is always annoying that the Nav service is slow after reboot. Then there is a little hack. Go to search and search for Test Tool:

    Then add a test codeunit:

    Select a test codeunit called System Warmup:

    Then run it:

    Limitations: It must run on a developer license and the language must be set to English.

Update License without rebooting the service tier

  1. It is possible to install a license file without restarting the service tier:

    Go to PowerShell and import it then it does not need restarting:

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