How to add language layers in Business Central 15

How to add language layers in Business Central 15

Installing an extra language module in Business Central up till version 14 is fairly easy.

First you download the new module from:

Then you install the module in database via the Development environment and on the different clients as described here:–install-language-modules

So, that’s easy

This week a partner asked me how to install a new language in Business Central from the 2019 Release Wave 2 (15), and that is actually a lot easier.

The answer is to make an extension with the desired language layer and then install the Extension.

So, let’s try to do that by installing a Swedish language layer in my own Danish database.

I will start by downloading the Swedish installation pack:

Then I unpack the installation file and the Base file

Then I copy the Base file to my desktop.

Now I make a new AL project in Visual Studio Code:

In the app.json file, I add an extra property features and set the values TranslationFile and GenerateCaptions.

Then I build the solution with Ctrl+Shift+B.

This will add the translation folder in the project:

Right now, the only values in the xlif file are the captions from the file.

So, now I delete the file and copy the Swedish xlf file from my desktop to the Translations folder, add some information to the app.json file, so that it looks like this:

I publish the extension to the server and wait for the Modern client to start up.

Then I can check the Extension Management to see if the extension is installed:

And to test it, I can switch to the Swedish language:

And now the Modern client speaks Swedish:

To uninstall, just go to extension management and uninstall the extension again.

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