In case of Fire

In case of Fire

Some time ago I saw this as a picture on LinkedIn. I thought it was such a good idea that I started using it as a mantra during my AL Development workshop.

Earlier we needed to rely on backups that could be up to a week old if they existed at all. Now using Visual Studio Code and Git together with GitHub or DevOps we have an excellent opportunity to get a close-to real time protection.

But that is only if we implement this mantra:

  • Git Commit – Committing the changes made since the last commit to the local repository
  • Git Push – Pushing the changes to an off-site repository like GitHub or DevOps
  • Exit the building -or go do your (hopefully not so urgent) business

In the future, developers should not do anything away from the machine without having committed the changes and pushed them the off-site repository.

Many years ago, my company was creating a web-interface to a customer. We were 90% finished when we stopped for the Summer Holidays. When we came back, we had had a break-in in the company and all servers were stolen. And off course that was the exact time when the back-up server was in for repair. So, three months’ work down the drain.

After that I have always both on-site and off-site backups.

So always remember:

  • Commit
  • Push
  • Leave the building

PS: second time it didn’t take three months but that was little consolation.

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